AnonGhost Hacked Afghanistan Military Website

And it happened again The official website of the Afghanistan Military hacked by AnonGhost, was apparently being hacked by hackers. when our party opened a website that addressed  the appearance of Black with the Islamic Images and read "US army + Israeli Army = Children Killersand include a message :

This Message Is Addressed To the United States Government :
you have failed as expected.
for long time,we have witnessed your unjust laws.
you have abused human rights, killed thousands of innocents ,
supported Israel to kill innocent Palestinians in Gaza strip.
bombings houses and mosques,arresting and killing innocent people in Iraq & Afghanistan
using media propaganda to justify your lies and your corrupt act... 
now it's our turn to react
because we are the voice of muslims everywhere.
We are AnonGhost, We are Legion, United as ONE, Divided by ZERO.
We do not forgive Injustice.We do not forget Oppression.
US Government
"We are AnonGhost, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us."
you have to Expect Us !

It is not clear whether the website administrator who handles the website has known about this cyber attack. Because until now, the deface display can still be found.

Who does not know the name AnonGhost in its time in 2012-2014 the team is a team that shocked the part of the world where this hacker is a jihad cyber hacking tens of thousands of websites in a few days. after a long time not appearing this time AnonGhost returned and hacked the Afghan Military Site.

Until this news has been posted, there has been no response from the website manager, and still save the file named owned.html, we can see the display in the following archive:

or can directly see at the address:

(Zaenal Arifin)

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