Mass Deface 1 Server Setelah Root

Okay back again with me, this time I will give tutorial mass deface 1 server after rooting the server
Okay first we must have root access to the target server, if we can do backconnect first as usual, if you do not know how to backconnect you can see the tutorial here:

Okay if you already do backconnect next we as usual do shell spawing first by using command:

If it is next we can login root user first with the command 

if already entered into the root user next step you can enter into the root root first by typing commands :

now for the next step if you are already in root dir, you typed command to call our mass deface file by typing command :

if it appears 200 OK status means the file has been uploaded in the target server, the next step we go to dir tmp by typing the command :

if it's next we can upload the file again that is for now we will upload our deface page file with the command :

if the file is already uploaded our last step is to execute our mass deface file, we must go to root dir again to execute , if it's going to root dir, we type the command : 

and wait until the execution process is complete, if it is finished you can see if the web is hit by deface and check how many web that is in 1 server, you can use tools reverse ip

and see all the web that resides on one server that, yups web in 1 server it Pwnd. :p

PoC Video : 

Thanks you :p

Writed by : (Zaenal Arifin)

Mass Deface 1 Server Setelah Rooting Server

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